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Okay, so I went ahead and rebuilt the OL, and was resigned to this season being a build-up there and elsewhere. We go 6-9-1, and the top yardage skill player (rushing or receiving) on the whole team is... uhh... my QB rushing for 721 yards??? I don't even know what that could be about... I definitely did not manually decide that was my gameplan. Don't know if the AI stepped in, or if I did something stupid (well, apparently yes) but that was our approach this year.

In fairness, if this was an AI decision, it wasn't absurd. Our QB is maxed-out in ScrFrq and has a 4.35 dash, so he's a talented runner. But only 280 passing attempts as a full time starter, and an 11/8 ratio? That's pretty watered down stuff, cannot possibly be a key way to win.

Okay, next season we'll have a fairly early pick, and I will try again this weekend to put some time into the team. We have some young players who can contribute to chemistry and cohesion now, as well as some young talent following two unusually highly-rated drafts (as measured by the BenBot). And a few young guys to build around. Ideally, we can land a go-to WR this season either in the draft or free agency, and this team could be ready to threaten pretty quickly.
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