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Started off with the West Coast Offense and thought after about half a season that McLeroy was just way too overmatched when asked to throw the ball 35 times a game. So, decided to try some Smash Mouth and that really didn't help things because the line just isn't up to snuff just yet and because we were behind so often we ended up throwing it 35 times a game anyways...except we were going to deep a little more often...whoops. I think we just might head back to the West Coast for next season.

On defense...well, we didn't do anything well but I guess I can't really be disappointed because these guys are all rookies for crying out loud. It should get better as we've got a couple solid corners and our line should be pretty decent before too long.

We did get hit with a couple of injuries throughout the season and even had to IR a couple of guys. We'll see how that will affect their development. Our starting RT Darryl Dotson and DT Darrell Brody both will be under the microscope as we really need these guys to develop.
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