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Custom Roster & Game Plan Project

*edit - Custom *Playbook & Game Plan Project

We all recently received the bittersweet news that FOF8.4 will be the final version of a 20+ year franchise we've all enjoyed. Shortly before the announcement I began recording myself playing FOF as content for this great game is sparse. One of the projects I took on was to create a new playbook from scratch. The goals of the project were to create a universal playbook that was capable of being tweaked to any team personnel and optimized to get the most out of players. While most of the testing was done using the game plan generator and simulating the same season multiple times, I also began a SP run calling all of my plays where further testing took place.

My initial thoughts were to also create several 58 play (least amount of OC plays) game plans for common team personnel to accompany the release of the playbook. Unfortunately - or fortunately depending on perspective - I'm having too much fun calling my own plays (and am still gaining insight into the sim engine from it) to manually craft game plans.

The results have been good, and since the playbook is all but finished, I figured I'd release it for anyone who uses Rex or just want to check it out up close. While I do plan on following through creating game plans to go with the playbook, I have no idea on their timetable and thought it might be fun for others to make/post game plans for this playbook.

It's entirely possible I'm overestimating the time anyone spends or is willing to spend on FOF and toying with game plans for a playbook they didn't make, but since the only playbooks one can find for FOF are old and less effective than mine, here it is.

This video is the latest in the playlist where I capture most of the process of making and testing the playbook. As I mentioned, in the SP run where I call my own plays I've done more testing as well.

While I go over the playbook in the video above, below are some quick points for reference:

C - Core plays, plays for every team personnel focusing on a primary HB and targeting X, Y, Z in the passing game
A - Pass plays for the HB - predominately the 113 but also 122 incase your HB2 is a better receiver
B - Pass plays for the FB roughly matchup a quarter of the options for X, Y, Z, allowing you to target the FB if you want
R - Pass plays for the R matching available options for X, Y, Z allowing you to heavily target R if you want
S - Pass plays for the S roughly matching half of the options for X, Y, Z, allowing you to target S consistently if you want
T - Pass plays for T roughly matching half of the options for X, Y, Z, allowing you to target S consistently if you want
M - More run plays, 25 additional runs to the 25 in the core plays but focused on the 122 instead of 113
Q - QB runs for when you have a fast QB
G - Gadget plays, exclusively counters and reverses (the only 2 FB run plays are here)

RB Carry Distribution
HB1 113
HB2 122
HB3 104, 131
Gadget/Scat Back - 212, 221, 230

Anecdotal Observations
-Reverses seem to work best on 3rd & 5-7 and 2nd & 13-15 against the AI - in MP if your opponent Rex's defense this should also hold true
-When constructing you available run plays, roughly 20% M, 15% G, 30% T, 30% E seems near optimal for direction
-While I'm confident in the thinking behind primary and secondary route pairings, I need to do more testing on the exact combinations
-The playbook itself is roughly 40% play action which seems about right from testing and comparing to my old playbook, and in-game it appears play action can be set up and that it hurts on obvious passing downs
-More I forgot and will add when I remember

Hopefully this helps or provides a little experimental fun for anyone, and if you make a game plan you like please share it and I'll add it to this post. Since there won't be any changes to the sim engine, multiple heads playing with and discussing it could really help a big project I'm working on that's still in it's infancy. Regardless, thanks for everyone who's followed along with my potato videos and if you like consistent FOF content please subscribe.

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