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Honestly, he should have been fired after the season. He's pissed away some of the Suns assets and made some awful top 10 picks (Len, Chriss, Bender). The only reason they have some talent is because he's done his own half-ass version of "the process" and stunk for 4 seasons. But, firing him now doesn't make a ton of sense. The feeling here in Phoenix was that Sarver gave him until the start of the season to field a better roster and the disaster that is the Suns PG spot finally pushed Sarver to the brink.
Assuming no one thought Elfrid Payton was the answer he's basically being fired for not overpaying in draft picks (in a trade) or contracts (to an RFA) for a backup PG who might be good enough to start, on a team that won't make the playoffs & needs to focus on developing Ayton/Jackson & even Booker still, which is why having Booker play a little out of position at PG for parts of games this year wouldn't be the worst thing long term. It's even funnier considering the top guy rumored to be on the trade market (Bledsoe) and top UFA PG (IT) would likely not be interested in returning to Phoenix. But bad owners stay bad owners.

With Kyrie's comments about re-signing the Celtics are likely more open to trading Rozier now, so if the new Suns committee wants to send us an unprotected 2019 or 2020 first maybe we can work something out

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