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Originally Posted by Arles View Post
You put Butler on Miami and that team is the 4 or 5-seed in the east. So, I'm not sure having "very little chance of winning" is correct. I mean, they were a 6-seed last year without him and the Cavs should fall out. With the Clippers, I agree - but not with Miami. Adding Butler puts them right along side the Bucks and Pacers in the hunt for the 4-seed.

I meant winning the conference. Without his injury, he was in the hunt for a 4 seed with the Wolves last year and that was not good enough. Again, it goes back to my earlier question about what is the right situation for him.

I am not against him going to the Heat. But given his reported issues with some of his teammates, I do have to be realistic about the team he would be going to though. Is a team with Jimmy Butler and a paid Hassan Whiteside be that much different chemistry wise than a team with Butler and a paid KAT? Butler and a paid Dion Waiters combo vs Butler and Wiggins? I don't know.
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