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We had avoided penalties all game before the one in OT. Just a galling way to see the game end.

DE Smith made a couple of big plays in this game. He is a significant piece of the puzzle for next years team, so this is exciting. DE Banducci had two sacks as well. All in all, we collected four sacks and surrendered zero.

Our secondary was a horror show, however. We have to significantly upgrade here in the offseason.

Brown had 27 carries for 130 yards, but his longest carry was only 19 yards. He had at least 4 carries in the 15-20 yard range, so we really need him to break one of these runs.

CB Alvin Brown is making plays in the return game. He scored one TD and set up a 2nd TD with a 35 yard punt return.

Time for some midseason stats ...
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