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Holding on the first play of the game - guess the postseason is just like the regular season.
Run, run, sack, punt from deep in our territory.
They start at their 46.

PSU goes for it on 4th and 3 at our 47 and Slutzker picks up a first down with a completion to the stud RB.
Slutzker is moving the ball effectively through the air. 4-6 for 37 yards.
A screen pass to Robertson goes for a TD, from the 3. 7-0, 8:37 left in the quarter.

Three and out. And another note - 2 yard passes do not qualify as "nice gains". Punt.

The Nittany Lions have to punt it away after only one first down by RB Robertson.

We get our initial first down on a screen pass to Brown.
But we aren't getting much at all on 1st and 2nd down, setting up tough 3rd down conversions.
We punt from our 42 and put Penn State back on the 5.

Slutzker hits WR Terrance Rogers for a 34 yard gain as he comes back on a post pattern to help out his QB. Slutzker is now 9-11 for 89 yards. We can't have this if we are going to win this game. Their RB is a given, the QB was not supposed to be.

DE Ronald Smith picks up a sack, our 2nd of the day, to set up a 3rd and 24 for PSU.
How about a defensive holding penalty? 1st down, Penn State.
We force a fumble on a crossing pattern and LB Bryant Bruschi dives on the ball. We take over at our 38. LB Hank Swilling forced the fumble.

Back to back completions to Mike Voight move us into Penn State territory.
Edwards gives up a sack, forcing 3rd and 15. Then gives up another sack, although pin the 2nd one on the line. Punt.
19 yards of offense in 19 minutes. Not good.

Penn State picks up a pair of first downs on the ground, then Slutzker starts working the short passing game again. So far they have completed six passes to HB Robertson.
We give up 16 to Robertson on a 3rd and 11 - bad, bad, bad.
Slutzker to TE Sanders from 4 yards out, 14-0 with 5:32 left in the half.

Brown runs the kickoff out to the 47 yard line. Time to wake up the offense.
Another sack of Edwards.
Brown runs for 25 on 3rd and 11, bailing out our QBs.
Back to back 3 yard losses on the ground set up 3rd and 16, we make 10 of it back on a completion to Brewer.
McMullen kicks a 43 yard field goal. 14-3, 1:59 left in the half.

And Penn State runs back our kick, 90 yards on the play. 21-3, 1:39 left in the half.

OG Luis Jones is injured on a screen pass.
A holding penalty moves us back.
3rd and 24, good news is there isn't much time left in the half.
3 yard loss, and punt. This half can't end soon enough.

Halftime Notes:
Well, our offense has 55 yards and their QB is completing 80% of their passes.
Their monster tailback is right on pace to get his 145 yards or whatever he needs to avoid his worst season ever with only 1800 yards on the ground.
Good thing our kickoff coverage team is playing well - er, um ... there is nothing that went well in the first 30 minutes.

Slutzker moves to 16-20 for 164 yards with a 28 yard gain to start the 2nd half, into Bruin territory.
Robertson punches it in from the 4. 27-3 after a missed extra point. 2nd year in a row our seniors have gone out with a wimper.

J.R. Jackson returns the kick out to the 47.
Edwards picks up a 3rd and 9 with a 12 yard completion to Brewer.
Penn State SS Tracy Gordon is really disrupting our running game.
We are forced to attempt a 47 yard field goal and it is short.

We force a 3 and out, momentarily disrupting the clinic that is the Penn State offense.

We run one crazy deep hook pattern for WR Ben Jackson, who holds onto the ball despite being leveled by SS Tracy Gordon. 47 yard gain, down to the 13.
Brown gains 5 on 3rd and 4. First and goal.
Toomer runs it in, TD. Two point conversion to Brewer, 27-11, 3:08 left in quarter.

Another three and out for Penn State, but the punt is a monster and leaves us at our 5.

We punt after failing to successfully pitch the ball to our fullback on 3rd and 6.

3 and out, the defense appears to be getting an attitude since the opening drive of the 2nd half.

Brown picks up 19 over 2 carries.
Edwards completes a pass to Jackson for 12.
On 3rd and 10 Brown follows his blockers for 10 on a draw play.
But the drive dies at that point, and McMullen is on for a 39 yard field goal. Good, 27-14, 9:23 to play.

3 and out for Penn State - defense is trying to keep this interesting.
So is return man Rulon Bowens, who takes the punt 36 yards all the way to the Penn State 19.

Edwards just misses a diving Brewer in the end zone.
Jackson can't hold onto a pass into heavy coverage.
McMullen kicks a 33 yard field goal. 27-17, 6:12 left and we are leaving chances to take field goals. Not enough time left for that, in my opinion.

Robertson goes over the 100 yard mark on his 25th carry of the day.
But Penn State only picks up one first down before punting. Still, under 4 to play.
Bowens fumbles the punt. Game over.
They punt again, but clock is down to 2 minutes now. And we are back at the 9.

It takes us four plays to get a first down, and half of our remaining time.
Four more plays to get another first down.
Interception as a receiver falls down, and the clock mercifully runs out.

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