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Miami (OH) has a new coach, just two years after posting a terrific regular season.

Purdue, Southern Miss, and SMU would all like to talk about their vacancies. Not yet, we still have much to accomplish out west.

Potential Underclassmen:
OT Montique Anderson - ORE
WR Sean Bishop - ORE (would not miss him)
RB Derrick Brown - UCLA (duh)
DE Patrick Coffman - ASU (redshirt JR-to-be)
RB Dave Darden - WASH (JR)
RB Joe Helfman - ORE
RB Kimo King - PITT (he should go, very good back who had great year)
CB Darren McIntosh - CAL
OLB Russ Parker - USC
CB Charles Siani - WASH
CB Derek Stewart - USC (please leave now)
RB Eddie Treu - STAN (another good one)

So, looks like Oregon may have some losses. And no one shocking from UCLA, which is nice.
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