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Week 13:
No one signs with us.

We lose out on a couple of punters we were eyeing. Every week is reinforcing that this is not a good year for us on the recruiting trail.

Week 14:
Two more signings, class is starting to fill out (meh).

OG Ron Tillman - this guy was just overjoyed to have an opportunity to play for the Bruins. He jumped at the scholarship as soon as it was offered. #634 in the nation, his grades are in order and he provides depth along the line. Only 258 now, but we think he can put on 25 pounds and hope he is a contributor as an upperclassman.

P Al Bingaman - Not our first choice for punter, but is this really a position where you gnash your teeth at getting your 3rd option? #520 in the nation, the guy will do his job for 3-4 years.

Week 15:
FS Harper Holt comes down to LA. We stopped recruiting positions a couple of weeks ago and just asked guys who had a smattering of talent if they would like a scholarship. That approach worked for Harper, who will have his work cut out finding the field this year. #274 in the nation, noted for his athleticism.

Week 16:
Another FS comes into the fold. Vaughan Kapp is #379 in the land. We never scouted him so I can't tell you what he does well.

Week 17:
Two more players leak into the class, not sure I actually had the scholarships to give them.

WR Kai Olsen and RB Adrian Sargent. I wouldn't hold my breath looking for either of these guys in the game accounts over the next two seasons.
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