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C Nick Moore was the player of the game with 4 key run blocks and 4 pancackes.

DT Jared Burford had 3 sacks.

We only gave up 34 yards in the 2nd half. We held the ball for almost 20 minutes in the 2nd half. We had a 31-14 advantage in 1st downs.

The QBs combined to complete over 75% of their passes: 30-39 for 321 yards.

We need to cut down on sacks allowed (4) and penalties (7). Not sure that either of those are happening ...

WR Voight had 2 TD receptions. QB Harold Edwards was 21-27 for 238 yards with 4 TDs and the 1 interception.

OG Luis Jones gave up 3 of the sacks. He is benched if he allows another one next game.

K Ellis was brutal with a capital B on his field goal attempts. But we have no options ...
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