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100,089 pack the Rose Bowl for this showdown between ranked teams. It is exciting to see this kind of crowd.

Edwards is sacked on 2nd down, but it is waved off by a defensive holding call.
We are really trying to establish Dawson early. The game starts off with 5 carries for him, as well as a pass to him. And the strategy is working, as we are moving down the field.
Edwards ends the drive with a 29 yard TD pass to Brewer off a play fake - something that he has done well so far this season. 7-0, 10:33 left in quarter.

DT Jared Burford sacks Horner on the 2nd play and the ball is loose. SS Taz Simms scoops it up and runs it in from 15 yards out. 14-0, 9:25 left in quarter.

The defense isn't messing around to start this game. ILB Scott Wilson pops the halfback and forces another fumble. CB J.R. Jackson recovers, giving the offense the ball at the OSU 37.

Edwards is sacked inside the 20.
We can't get those yards back, so Ellis comes in for a 37 yard field goal. Good. 17-0, 5:08 left in quarter.

Unreal - Burford forces another fumble on the first play of the next OSU drive. That is 3 fumbles in five plays. J.R. Jackson has his second recovery of the day and he is on the move with this one. 37 yard return, down to the OSU 13.

Edwards puts the ball in the back of the end zone for Mike Voight to haul in. 11 yard TD pass. 24-0, 3:18 to go in the quarter.

3 and out for OSU, who has to punt from their 15.
Their stud punter helps them out with field position, netting 50 yards on the punt.

Sack on Edwards, and we aren't getting those yards back. Punt.

Another OSU turnover, as ILB Jerry McCullough comes up with an errant pass. We'll start on the OSU 30. What a disastrous first 15 minutes for the Beavers.

We can't finish that drive, as we bog down inside the 20. Ellis nails a 30 yarder. 27-0, 12:24 left in the half.

3 and out for Oregon State. They still don't have a first down.

Dawson gets 24 yards on a run.
Stablein leaves the game with an undisclosed injury.
We are stopped a midfield. Punt.

It took 32 minutes, but OSU gets a first down.
15 yard pass to Buttone and they are up near the 50.
Horner finds Bright for 7 on a 3rd and 5.
But the drive dies on our 41. Punt.

Sack by the defense, we are forced to go 3 and out.

4th and 2 at the 48 with under 2 minutes in the half. OSU punts.

OSU is sustaining some injuries in the secondary.
Rattay connects with Jackson for 35 yards with less than a minute left in the half. Ball at the OSU 24 with 0:37 remaining.
Rattay then finds our 5th receiver Dan Brown wide open. Brown walks it in. 24 yard TD pass. 34-0, 0:25 left in the half.

Halftime Notes:
Game could not be going any better. 3 first downs and 80 yards for an experienced offense. Our offense has been taking what the defense gives them.

OSU isn't exactly sparkling on their first drive of the half. They go 3 and out, punting from their 4.
Punter Tremayne Frisch pushes us way back. He is headed for another All-Conference team selection, maybe AA if he keeps playing like this.

Edwards is sacked again at the OSU 40 on 1st down.
Dawson goes over 100 yards on his 20th carry.
We punt from their 38.

Horner is picked off on the first pass by J.R. Jackson (monster game for him). Offense starts at the OSU 42.

The Beavers defense yields nothing. Punt from their 43.

DE Ronald Smith just kills Horner, who somehow holds onto the ball.
3 and out.

Edwards bides his time before coming back to Brewer on a screen pass. It looks like it is going to be stuffed, but Brewer hits the "B" button on the first defender and then hurdles another man. Look out, he is off to the races! The SS finally hauls him in at the 4 yard line. 45 yard gain.
Edwards completes a 4 yard TD pass to Jackson. 41-0, 4:56 left in the quarter.

Another 3 and out for Oregon State. Horner is 4-17 for 39 yards and 2 picks.

OSU gets their 5th sack of the day on Edwards.
Jackson gets freaky on the defense on a deep ball, contoring his body to fall backwards and make a grab while parallel to the ground looking back at the QB. 38 yards on the pass, 100 yards receiving on the day.
4th and 1 at the OSU 35. Rattay is in, completes an 8 yard pass to Voight. We should have punted there - a little classless.
The refs agree and slap a 15 yard tripping penalty on us the next down.
Ellis hits a 41 yard field goal, 44-0, 14:02 left in the game.

Horner get a 17 yard completion to Buttone on 3rd and 14.
FS Greg Moore leaves the game with an elbow injury. Don't want that to be a serious one ...
Next play, Horner finds Buttone in the end zone. 26 yard TD pass. 44-7, 11:32 left in the game.

Defense gets a big stop on 3rd and 1. We punt from the 49.

Buttone is getting his numbers late. Another 15 yard reception.
Horner is knocked out of the game for a play. His backup comes in and throws one up into traffic. The receiver has his hands on it, but the ball flies into the air and Elijah McAllister ends up with the ball and some running room. About 90 yards of running room. 51-7, 6:09 left in the game.

DE Phil Patten get a sack on 1st down.
We are whistled for defensive holding on an incomplete pass on 3rd and 23. McCallister.
But OSU moves it no further. Punt.

3 and out. Punt.

Another OSU punt. Frisch must be weary from all the kicking he has done today.

Ellis kicks a 49 yard field goal. 54-7, 0:34 left in the game.

Buttone runs the kick back to the 47.
4 and out. All in all, this may be the finest defensive performance I've seen.
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