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USC hammers #9 Notre Dame 38-7.

There were a couple of monster rushing performances by Pac 10 backs.
- Eddie Treu had 31 rushes for 239 yards and a pair of TDs as Stanford went to Washington and came home with a 38-25 win.
- Lee on ASU had 27 carries for 249 yards and a TD in a 27-26 win at Navy.

Time to look at the stats from this gutwrenching loss.

The offense just fell apart in the 2nd half. Three turnovers and another fumble that we recovered in only ten minutes of possession.
We outgained Cal 535-294 on the day.
Two field goals in the 40-49 yard range botched by Ellis that could have given us some kind of cushion. And it turns out we could have used that field goal that was blocked at the end of the first half.
The defense gave up a pair of long passes while trying to protect a four point lead late.

We couldn't get the ball to Jackson in the 2nd half. Their CB McElroy just dominated the final 30 minutes.

Mike Voight had 8 catches for 93 yards.

C Nick Moore had 3 key run blocks and 3 pancakes, but allowed a sack and had a holding penalty.
OT Yale Givens had 3 pancakes. He is very good pass blocker but struggles in the run game.

DE Ronald Smith was very tough on this day. 5 tackles, 2 stuffs, 3 hurries.

I thought the Washington State loss sucked last year, but this one is probably worse.
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