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Swaggs: He is indeed.

Inside Shooting: 18/20
Outside Shooting: 80/88
Free Throw Shooting: 58/63
Scoring: 80/87
Passing: 69/73
Handling: 63/66
Offensive Rebounding: 43/46
Defensive Rebounding: 42/45
Defense: 51/54
Shot Blocking: 43/46
Stealing: 89/93
Drawing Fouls: 48/60
Discipline: 63/66
Intelligence: 63/66
Endurance: 98/98

He's certainly proven capable of playing the point (2.8 A/TO ratio), but his ballhandling has him, in my ideal lineup, playing the 2.

Walker's 6'5, 199 lbs and I see him in much the same way as I originally saw Leroy Wright, an excellent 3-position reserve (PG/SG/SF in Walker's case), but not one you'd necessarily want to have starting. In my own opinion, because of his shooting and scoring talents, Walker would make a great offensive sparkplug/6th man off the bench. Don't see him as anything more than a mediocre starter and if he did start, I'd say either SG or SF.

cubboyroy1826: I know the feeling. Glad you're still enjoying!

Edit: Sorry I've been mis-spelling your name. This whole time I've been reading it as cubbyroy and just now noticed it's cubboyroy :o
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