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rjolley: The TPB/DDS:PB series is probably the most addicting text-sim series ever for me. Can't explain why, it just is. Glad to hear you're still enjoying it.

boberot: Thanks. I'd forgotten until I was scanning over it that the Mavericks made the Finals last year and that we'd gotten swept by them. I think it goes to show just how much we improved that we were able to take Dallas to 7 games. Also, at this point, I'm about ready to say that Jonte Jones is this generation's Shaq in terms of dominance.

Autumn: Excellent points and although I didn't mention it, Yeaton had some minor injuries in the playoffs that I think impacted his play a little bit, in addition to having quality defenders covering him in both series. I know he's capable of more; it just remains to be seen if he can finally break through that ceiling over the course of the next several seasons. I do think we'll be in very good shape next year as I think Patrick Pastner is a better player at SF overall than Vince Carter, who we're obviously not going to re-sign.

I'd say I feel sorry for the Knicks, but I don't. I -do- feel sorry for Knicks fans, though. I'm sure they're looking at the success we're having here in Denver and thinking the What If game to themselves.
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