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Originally Posted by EagleFan View Post
It all adds up. Poli with his immediate vote on Schmidty who already had the one hanging over his head, just like it was planned by the wolves.

To be fair, Poli and I ALWAYS vote each other on day 1, even if we change it later. It's tradition. I do however, understand that the wolves could use that to their advantage. Since it looks innocent. But damnit, I don't want to blow tradition.

Originally Posted by EagleFan View Post
Poli = ??? Yes it helps the wolves in the main cities if they put three (or 4 if it had turned out that way) villagers in Hades but it helpe them even more if they put a wolf in Hades to clear out villagers early.

But couldn't this same argument be made about you (or even me I suppose)? It could just as well be you as could be Poli.

This is a rough one. What about a tie?
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