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Don't let Poli push you around. Think it through logically. The wolves were split in a fair manner according to Pass. There are most likley 4 or 5 wolves. That would mean either 2 in each or 2 in Athens (the smaller of the cities) and 3 in Sparta. Why would the sacfifice one of their 2 in Athens to leave themselves with just one wolf in that town and fighting an uphill battle? They can only kill in a city where they have one wolf. You will still be alive day three if it is you and me left. I doubt that if you vote me out.

Look back at Poli's reactions. He had a much stronger negative reaction after it was declared that the automatic vote for you was not in affect.

If you do vote me out watch your back.

From Athens: Abe and either CR or hoops (my money is on CR)
Here: Poli

Hopefully you get the chance to pass that along if I go. Unfortunately that is all I have been exposed to so I can't be of any help from that point forward.
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