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Now I just confused myself with another thought. What if Schmidty is a wolf? How would that play out?

They would lose a wolf in Athens and be down to one wolf. That would be bad... but... according to Poli PB has most likley jumped ship to Sparta. A runner can be a wolf I believe. If it's 3 in Sparta and 2 in Athens they send one (Schmidty) to Hades with the goal in mind of jumping another into Athens in his place. They would be able to orchestrate this kind of move with PM ability.

The only thing that I would absolutely HATE about that is that Schmidty had a real world reason to be absent day one. This would mean that real world events would be used as a ploy (the whole give him a break because of what he was doing in RL reasoning). I really hope that is not the case as that would be a pretty childish play.

Because of this I have to stay with my original line of thought and think Poli must be the wolf.
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