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-- We lost 104k in April, but the board is of course delighted since we won the league. All good.

-- Its announced that we may have a sellout for our final match at home.

May 7th - Woking vs Wycombe - Wycombe are 15th and have nothing to play for. With an expected sellout I decide to give our starters a sending off and start everyone who is healthy who carried us here.

-- Constantino makes a long run and great pass that Ed Upson finishes in the 17th minute to give us the lead. This is our 100th goal in 46 league matches. In the 28th minute we go up 2-0 with a goal from Constantino this time, finishing nicely with a header off a cross from Nikolaou. In the 51st minute we give a goal back on a corner and lead 2-1. We get it back almost immediately, Upson with a graet long ball foward to Constantino who finishes one on one against the keeper, 3-1 lead!

Woking 3 : 1 Wycombe

Its a perfect ending to the season. We give up a goal but we overwhelm the opposition. Lynch makes a couple really nice saves, Constantino and Ed Upson are nearly equally spectacular. 2 goals and an assist for Constantino earns him a 9.1 rating and man of the match.

-- 5900 fans came ot the game today.

-- Woking have been given $115,000 for their final position in League 2

Final Playoff Standings

1. Woking - 98 pts
2. Stockport - 84 pts
3. Rushden - 81 pts
4. Brighton - 78 pts
5. Oxford - 76 pts
6. Chesterfield - 76 pts
7. Rochdale - 75 pts
8. Walsall - 74 pts
9. MK Dons - 73 pts
10. Notts Co - 71 pts

Rochdale wins their last match and makes the playoffs by 1 point. Walsall beat MK Dons, they just missed out, but that loss by MK Dons took them out of it. They were a top 3 team much of the season, finishing a horrible 1-1-5 to fall all the way out of the playoffs, missing by 2 points.

We end our season with a remarkable 30-8-8 record, scoring 102 goals and putting up 98 points in 46 matches.

Rushden's Sam Smith had a great finish to the season, ending with 34 goals. The two goals Constantino scored in our last match end up being the difference as Constantino scores 36 league goals.

We'll get through the playoffs and postseason/offseason soon and then will begin preparations for League 1 play!
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