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We have our pre-season meeting and our coaches tell us that our concentration, determination, dribbling, first touch, speed, passing and technique are all very poor compared to the rest of league one.

We are tall and have good fitness.

New Contract

I'm offered a 3 year deal to stay at Woking at $1400/wk. I make $1000/wk now. I accept it.

July rolls around and we receive $33k as part of our deal with our parent club QPR.

Players leaving the Team

-- Lewis Martin has officially left for the Czech First Division club he agreed to play with during the last season. He only played 12 matches for us while he was with the squad, spending much of his time on loan elsewhere, completely stuck behind Kevin Lynch.

-- Makhtar N'Diaye leaves the club, he's 34 years old and declining. He was a nice 2 year utility guy for me, playing in 50 matches, scoring 5 goals and making 5 assists, putting up a rating of about 6.75.

-- 26 y/o DLC Aswad Thomas leaves the club. He's been with Woking since the 09/10 season, playing in ~190 matches, scoring 10 goals and putting up a 6.79 avg rating. He's been an ok reserve but he took a noticible dip in League 2 and I don't feel he can contribute in League 1.

-- 29 y/o DLC Mike Williams also leaves the club. He signed with Woking in the 11/12 season and spent 5 years with the team. He played 154 matches for Woking, scoring 15 goals and averaging ~6.8 rating for us. He was a fine backup in League 2 but not someone i feel could contribute anymore.

July Update

The board is pleased with my leadership, with my tight control of finances being the main reason. They're sad to see Mike Williams go. We made $270k profit last month.

Depth Chart

GK: Kevin Lynch/---
DL: Stelios Nikolaou/---
DC: Vince Taylor/Christian Smith/---
DR: Abu Ogogo/Craig Alcock
DMC: Vince Taylor/Simon Ferry
MC: Ed Upson/Joe O'Sullivan/Simon Ferry
AML: Zoltan Harsanyi/---
AMR: Dany N'Guessan/---Abu Ogogo---
FC: Zoltan Harsanyi/Danijel Subotic/Mathew Peterson

So we basically have coverage everywhere but are in need of depth and some star talent somewhere.

We must sign a GK, loaning in a much much better one and playing Lynch some to see how he does is an option.

We must sign DL and DC depth. Nikolaou is young and improving, Christian Smith would be the most likely candidate to try to find a more talented player instead of just adding a backup

MC: I think Upson/O'Sullivan would be acceptable here, we could use a 4th player who can play the position and if we found another guy like we had last year in Zak Middleton who could secure a starting spot over O'Sullivan that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

AML: The first thing I did when the transfer window opened was try to loan in Mikael Colin and Constantino again. Waiting to hear back on them. If we can't get Colin again we must do something here.

AMR: N'Guessan and Ogogo isn't enough, we need depth. A backup that could play AML and AMR is probably ideal.

FC: I'm trying to get Constantino back.
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