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Two years ago we sold about 850 season tickets. Last year we sold around 1150 I think. This year we've sold 837 already and the club expects we may sell up to 1400 more!!! That would be huge for us.

-- Something I've not really done before is to go look at the "transfer rumors" page for our league. I see lots of guys rumored to be signing with our competition and go scout them out, a couple nice looking potential free transfers.

-- I put in for loans on a couple really really strong looking MC's. Next I look at GK and there just aren't any listed. So loaning in a GK I guess isn't a legit option. I look at free transfer keepers and don't see anything remotely close to Lynch's levels as far as handling and reflexes, maybe finding a new keeper isn't something that will happen overnight, Lynch will likely get a chance to prove himself at this level.

Friendly #1

We get going early this year, playing at EPL side Watford on July 5th. We trail 2:0 at the half when we sub out are starters, putting in a number of reserve players since we haven't really filled out our roster yet, and the results are predictable, they run all over us for the entire second half.

Watford 7 : 1 Woking

New Loanee

AML/ST Mickael Colin was available for loan for a second year in a row and he enjoyed his time at Woking last season and has agreed to come back again this year! Colin was one of our best players last season, scoring 8 goals and notching 8 assists with a 7.31 average rating at the AML position. We're thrilled to have him back.

-- As the first week of July comes to a close we have 4 other loan offers outstanding and we have a few free transfer contracts outstanding as well. We've filled out our staff as well.
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