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New Loanee

This is the one anyone who followed last season was hoping for. ST Constantino Is not quite ready for the EPL, he's still listed as a reserve for Aston Villa. Aston Villa are happy to have him come back to play for Woking for another season and he is agreeable too. Why wouldn't he be, he broke every record in our books last season and will get another year of experience as a starter.

New Loanee

Usually I go for flash, flair and offense when I look to bring in guys on loan, but we have a lack of depth in our defense as well and going into a new league a big upgrade always helps. We loan in our second Spaniard, second player with just one name, and second Aston Villa Reserve, DC Marc to play for us this season.

Marc doesn't look like a complete superstud, but he has some very solid ratings and looks like a very solid player. He's strong physically, all his physical ratings are between 12-15, pace 15, balance 14, jumping 14, stamina 14. He seems to show all the right Mental strengths, Teamwork 17, Work Rate 15, Determnation 13, Bravery 10, Aggression 15. Positioning of 8 is a bit low for a defender. Heading 15, Marking 14, Passing 11, Tackling 10, all solid for a central defender, again not a guaranteed dominant star but a strong looking addition.

Marc is another one of those guys we'd never even try to get in previous seasons, he's valued at $2.8 million and is paid $9000/wk by Aston Villa.

-- We now have filled 3 of our 4 available season long loans. We have 3 free transfer offers outstanding and one last loan offer out there or a MC that I am really hoping to sign. We have done nothing to address our depth at keeper as of yet.
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