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We are listed as 20 point favorites at home against Colorado. This is crazy, as this team has some talent.

At HB there are two good ones. SR Joe Herring is listed as the starter. He has held the job the last 3 years and run for 4,474 yards in that time with 31 TDs (18 last year). He is also a threat catching the ball - 1,361 yards and another 12 TDs. Gene Banks has backed him up ably over the last two years, running for 1,110 while averaging almost 5 yards a carry.

SR WR Nate Brooking has eclipsed 1,000 yards in each of his two years in Boulder. Bookend SR James Barwegan has 3 straight 1,000 yard seasons and 25 career TDs. The 3rd WR also had 1,000 last year - these guys really threw the ball around, as they only played 12 games last year.

The offensive line is very talented. The worst rated is RT Bobby Burks at 9/14. I'm insanely jealous of this.

We will have to take advantage of the defense. DEs Freddie Rivera and Sammy Lewis are capable players, but the talent level doesn't jump off the page like it does on the offensive side of the ball. JR CB Rick Kuechenberg is a playmaker, but this is not a scary secondary.
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