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Sparta as I left it, was a touch of a clusterfuck really.

Day One:

PB revealed as the Runner pretty early. Dubb was basically haywire all day and managed to accuse just about everyone at some point. Then just decided that PB *had to* be the bad runner. I thought him insane that he could be so sure, but in the end, the idea that PB was at least 50/50 bad prevailed and he was lynched. I don't believe we got word on if PB ended up being good or bad. If we did then I forget, so it was probably that he was good (since I'd have surely remembered had we been told he was a wolf).

Night one was the Poli killing and we were told he was a villager hoplite

Day Two: It became clear Danny was our Ephor. Our candidates were he, clap and someone else and Clap said he didn't get it. I know I had voted for Danny so it made sense to me he got it.

Our Day Two vote was basically a sit around and wait. No real votes most of the day and it was a tie at or near two votes between candidates of Sal, Clap and Jackal. Dubb picked up a one off vote. BK never did vote. In the end sal had the most votes at 3, but Danny said to "expect fireworks" and then I left to get some work done.

Next thing I know I'm in Hades. So either Danny ephor'd it to me and they then strangely night-killed sal anyhow or Danny bluffed and Sal was lynched and I was night killed. I don't know for sure either way. My hunch is that Danny is a wolf based upon either action of that result. I was a voter on sal but not with a whole lotta force to be honest. He was at the top of a meager list of candidates really and the most suspicious thing he did in my mind was seemingly continue to pair votes with clap. But Sal also stepped up big time and basically kept sacrificing himself to avoid a tie-vote scenario multiple times. I agreed with his plan and would've moved my vote, but in doing so my only real options would have then created some form of tie or lined my vote up with him and clap which I wasn't so hot on.
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