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FOFC Ultimate Fighter - Season One (The Finals!!! 10 PM EST - Thu)

Welcome to the Werewolf edition of The Ultimate Fighter. Based on the Spike/UFC reality show of the same name but with a minor twist. Fight to become The Werewolf Ultimate Fighter winner (season one).

During the day there will be two deadlines. The first will be the challenge deadline. The team which wins the challenge will vote on which fighter from the other team they will face in the evenings matchup. In addition they will chose which of their fighters will fight for them. The winning fighter will remain alive for the final tournament. The losing fighter will be out of the tournament but will remain in the game for the team challenges.

The twist is that each team will have a traitor amongst their ranks. They do not want either team to win and will win as a "team" if they can arrange a "team tie" (neither of the teams achieve their winning condition). The traitors will have PM rights between themselves.

Multiple winning conditions will exist. The team winning condition will be to advance the most fighters to the final tournament. Players have an individual winning condition of winning the tournament final. The traitors win by nullifying the team winning conditions (making it a tie), they do not win with either team.

Each player will define thir fighter. See post three for fighter creation details and what is required.

Post two will have the rules/roles.

Post four will be the signup sheet.
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