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January Update

The schedule for January looks reasonable, we'll get to rest up and recover from injury with just a few games. There's a transfer window but we don't have any salary room this year.

The board remains delighted. Ed Upson's signing is listed as a positive while getting crushed in the FA Cup by Peterborough is a negative. We lost $31k last month.

January 4th, 2014

Woking (8-8-9, 15th) @ Tranmere (4-7-14, 22nd)

We're considered to be outperforming expectations and Tranmere is underperforming. They are favored at their place as even money favorites while we're 11:5 dogs. We played Tranmere in our first ever league 2 match back in early August and crushed them 5-0.

Lineup changes with our injuries:

GK: Lynch
D: Sloma/Williams/Thomas/Ogogo
MC: Upson/Pulis
AM: Clapham/Ademola
ST: Pablo/Harsanyi

Nikolaou desparately needs a day off so Sloma gets a start.

5': Goal kick by Lynch, it clears the defense and Harsanyi runs onto it in the penalty area, huge mistake by the defense... but the keeper is right on top of it and its listed as a clear cut chance but I don't see how he would beat the keeper.

13': free kick for tranmere from the right side of the pitch just outside the penalty area... they take it to the far post and its headed in... Upson is blamed for losing his man. 0-1

34': Upson with a beautiful long ball from 40 yards out into the penalty area, Ademola runs onto it but his first touch is poor and he doesn't even get a shot off.

37': Harsanyi beats his man into the penalty area, he's closed down on and finds a way to get the ball to Pablo who is about 12 yards out, keeper out of position, no one in front of him, and he hits the left upright. Jesus. 2 clear cut chances, no goals.

HALF: So frustrating. 4 shots for Tranmere, the only one on target was their goal. We shoot 6 times, 3 times on target, two clear cut chances, 57% of the possession.. and we trail by 1.

50': Harsanyi receives a ball about 20 yards out, beats two men to get deep into the penalty area... he goes down and the ball goes out, no penalty, just a corner kick that we can't convert.

56': Tranmere with a good bit of possession in our end, Williams misses a tackle allowing a cross to the 6 yard box and there's a header that Lynch doens't even seem to make a play on... over his head and into the net. The team wants an offsides call but its not coming. 0-2

61': Sole in for Clapham, Harsanyi moves to AML. Ball in for Pulis.

68': Harsanyi makes a long run down the left side, he crosses into the area, the defense is not ready for it, Sole runs right by their DC's and heads it into the right side of the net! 1-2

79': Thomas throws it in to Pablo, a pass into the area by Upson, he dribbles deftly to the 6 yard box, centers the ball, a Tranmere defender and Ademola both go after it... the defender puts it into his own net!!! own goal, tie game! 2-2

That'll do it.

Tranmere 2 : 2 Woking

I'll pretty much always be ok with a draw on the road. This was a bad team so I'd like a win but after our awful start pulling even was pretty sweet. Weird game, lots of comments about the refs and an own goal.

Even after making a mistake to give up the first Tranmere goal, Ed Upson is man of the match with a 7.9 rating. Sole with a 7.2 and our only credited goal, Harsanyi a 7.9 with the assist. That's really it, Ademola was bad with a 5.9 rating, everyone else in the middle.
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