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9-6 Dragons travel to 8-7 Chicago

Going into the final game of the season, Des Moines held the slimmest possible lead over the 9-6 Vikings for the NFL North lead. But with Minnesota playing lowly Green Bay, the Windy City bout was a must-win for Jack Ledger's crew.

But in a game that will forever tarnish the legacy of what he did, lifting this team on his back so many times in its inaugural season, QB Nathaniel Witt laid and absolutely rotten egg. 113 yards. 3 INTs. 3 sacks.

His final play of the day maybe of his career came midway through the fourth, when the Dragons got a tiny glimmer of hope following a blocked punt that set them up on the Bears' 22-yard-line. But on the first play, Witt throws a poorly timed pass that's picked off, dashing not only the Dragons' hope for a victory, but their playoff hopes as well.

Backup QB Tony LaBrosse came in afterward to try to inject some life into the team, but it was too little, too late, and the Dragons' season ends with a loss, 27-6.
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