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There's no sport like MMA (and I guess Boxing) - where you can have this hyped up contest between two guys who hate each other and then it's just over in an instant before anyone can process that it even started. It's just an incredible thing to watch.

I'd think Masvidal was being a dick afterwards if the reputations for the two guys weren't so dramatically opposed (Everyone loves Masvidal, everyone thinks Askren is a dick.) The fact that he's barely being criticized speaks volumes.

I'm so glad Askren finally made it to the UFC though. He is dynamite at selling a fight. You're into his shtick or you want to see him get his smarmy ass kicked. And even though he's kind of boring when he just smothers a no-name guy for 3 rounds, he creates compelling match-ups with the elite guys. Great wrestler v. great striker is just classic old timey MMA stuff that you don't see anymore. I hope he can come back from this - and he probably can, obviously he's never been knocked out and I don't even think he's taken very much damage outside of his 2 UFC fights.

And it seems he's taking the "Damn, that sucked" approach to the loss rather than going full Chael Sonnen heel and saying "lucky shot," which I half expected.

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