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Game Notes:

The defense really bailed out the offense on this game. Life without Brewer looks like it is going to be painful for the passing attack. Hope he gets his grades up quickly.

Derrick Brown was again the star on the offensive end. He is getting his 100+ every week. So glad I didn't recruit him when I was at USC.

Both QBs stunk - not sure where to go with this as both have been successful in the past. I'm inclined to give Edwards a shot just to see a different look.

K McMullen with two misses - we can't have that happen again this year. Period.

DE Ben Baker forced two fumbles. That would usually be very noteworthy, but I think everyone forced or recovered one in this slopfest.

Defensive TDs by McCullough and Moore were huge.

O-line giving up six sacks is not acceptable either. But it may happen again this year with four freshmen starting.
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