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Welcome Survivors to your first challenge. Because we didn't want to make things too easy on you, this will be both a reward and immunity challenge.

In Werewolf, information is life. Normally the wolves have it and the villagers don't. The villagers also have to work together, in plain sight, while hoping to foil the wolves. This challenge will require you to do the same. In a moment I'm going to list several different descriptions, ordered ROUGHLY from easiest to hardest. You need to find an image, anywhere online and PM me the url. Each picture is worth up to four points. I will be dividing four by the number of tribes who find that picture and that is how many points you will get for it (so if 1 tribe, you get 4 points, 3 tribes you get 1.33 points, etc).

Here's what you'll be looking for:
Bear (the animal)
Colt (the animal)
The Catch
The Tuck
Peyton Manning in a commercial
2007 Lombardi Trophy
2006 Colts Team Photo
2006 Bears Team Photo
The 85 Super Bowl Shuffle
A Super Bowl winning play
The Wardrobe malfunction (keep it clean)
Prince’s other "name"
Madden Bowl 07
Most popular take-out/delivery food on Super Bowl Sunday
Pictures of each of the 5 NFL commissioners (e.g. No Jim Thorpe)
Super Bowl XL Ring
Super Bowl XLI Ticket
Pro Player Stadium
Pre-merger championship team photo
A player whose helmet is off
Da Coach yelling
Colts moving out of Baltimore
Football playing bottles
Super Bowl ON a TV
Coin used in Super Bowl XLI
Huge Helmeted feline
Both kinds of football together
Gyrating football player Hula hoping football player
A picture from the Super Bowl of the two cities who have played each other in the championship of the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA
Picture from the “Federal” Super Bowl

Only there are a few other rules. First, you will not be allowed to use your tribal threads until the challenge is over. Second, each Survivor can only send me links to 5 pictures. This means unless tribes are both clever and work together it will not be possible for a tribe to find all the pictures. Finally, only one PM per person. This challenge will end at 10 PM or when all the Survivors have sent me their lists.

Want to know what you're playing for?

It's a good one. The winning tribe will not only be safe from tribal council, and immune from wolf attacks this night, but one of the members of the tribe will also become the seer. The losing TWO tribes will go to tribal council tonight.

Oh, one more thing. You know that two Survivors don't have a tribe. They get to chose which tribe they want to join and will participate in the reward challenge with that tribe. Sometime today they will post (Join Tribe X) and will then be a member of that tribe. They must join different tribes. OK, let's get down to the challenge.

Survivors ready? Go!

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