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Dickson was signed away.

Game #27 – Away vs Concord – Concord are 5th. Their pitch is waterlogged and the game is postponed to the 29th

Game #27 – Home vs Hampton & Richmond – Keep up our run! Devlin to Ashby for goal in the 4th minute. That’s Ashby’s first goal for us! Bedford finds Elliot for goal a few minutes later. Ashby feeds Bedford for a score outside the box, in the 22nd. Half. Don’t let up! We injure their left middle, and he has to head out. Pettefer and Whisken head in. Elliott to Moore for goal in the 76th. Balmer heads in for a tired Roberts. They get a consolation goal in the 83rd. We win 4-1. MOM is Ashby, his first for us.

We have not let up and dropped a point since adding my three new folks. But now our first big test arrives…

Elliot, Davey, Ashby in Team of the Week – good job Davey!

Game #28 – Away vs Concord – Concord are now 6th. Ready? I leave my squad as is, even though Spetch is now back from injury. Bedford had an assitant and goal last game, so I want to leave him in the middle with Ashby, and Moore to the FB spot. Keep up that run! Raining water meets our boots on the ground. Devlin hits a DFK in the 9th. Kebbie with an early card. I’ll likely pull him early. Concord gets two cards themselves. They score off a counter at the 36th. Half. Venegance! They score in the 47th. Then they get a red card in the 59th, and I pull Kebbie. I pull bedford after he gets a card too. We score in the 72nd when Browne feeds Ashby for goal. And that’s it. We tie 2-2. MOM is again Ashby.
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