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Originally Posted by Dark Cloud View Post
Awesome. Glad to hear it. Bantam hasn't won a title since the 1930s, Boston hasn't since 1893 in case you're looking for a challenge.

Yeah, I was browsing through the history trying to find a team who'd been around and never won a championship.

I was almost settled on the Compton Brothers as they have only won the title once in their history and it was back in 1933.

Once I got to some of the newer teams though, I think I like the Tupelo Moonshiners for obvious reasons...

I'm torn though. With such a rich engrossing history it'd almost be a shame to not try and turn around one of the historically bad or mediocre franchises.

Then again, I feel like I am a new comer to this whole thing and maybe one of the recent expansion teams might be a good fit for me.

The Chicago Comets and Tupelo Moonshiners would both fit that bill as they are new and have never won any championships.

FWIW I spent a solid couple hours researching through the history books. The longest hitting streak was 43 games back in the 70's if I recall correctly. The original record stood for more than 120 years. That type of stuff kept me busy and entertained yesterday, for that I thank you!
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