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Originally Posted by mauboy1 View Post
It's not too late.. didn't type it right.

I've said what I can. I guess all I can give at this point is my gut feelings. I think we've had some damn good analysis to go off the last few days. I would still look at Telle. I didn't vote hoops because I actually believe him, that he's not a villager. I don't get the same vibe that others are getting, which leads me to say that people who were calling him desperate last night/this morning might be the ones to look at.

One of those incuded EF. I can't remember off the top of my head who the other one was.

Racer was another one. Given a max of one conversion, it seems a bit of a stretch for both to be wolves. I personally think that the trust for both is a little overdone, but neither would be people I would think should be the next lynch without a pretty compelling reason.
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