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Budivoj Nakonid: Man or Myth? (A CK Dynasty)

December 26, 1066
The fire had gone out over night and Budivoj Nakonid woke up in a nasty mood. His castle, if it could be called a castle was drafty, and definitely in need of a woman's touch. That was one problem he hoped to soon solve. As for his other major problem in life, that would prove much more difficult.

Budijov had the misfortune of being very ambitious, yet lacking the means to accomplish his dreams. As count of the Lubeck, a northern province between the Kingdom of Denmark and the Kingdom of Germany, prospects for expansion seemed bleak.

In fact, much of life seemed bleak. He desperately needed court members, a bride, and more land.

As the new year began, and with it another bitterly cold morning, Nakonid was startled out of his bed by a banging at the door. Not having any servants to answer the door was another problem, but for now Nakonid quickly dressed and ran to the window overlooking the gate.

He saw two men, both dressed better than he waiting.

"What business do you have here?", he called to them.

The one on the right spoke up, "We be brothers and have come looking for work. Might you be needing our services?"

Nakonid tried to walk to the door, but found himself running. Reaching the massive door, he paused to collect his breath, and affixed a scowl to his face so as to appear not too eager.

"And what services do you provide?", he asked.

"I'm Kajetan von Ratzeburg, former champion of the tribe of Mecklemburg, and this here be me brother, Lucjan. He's not handy with the sword, but he's a devious bastard."

Nakonid leaned against the doorframe.

"Well, I suppose I could use your services after all."


As the three men ate breakfast, Nakonid was pleased to hear that they had two capable cousins who were looking for a position at court. Kajetan and Lucjan agreed to go fetch their cousins and return within a fortnight.

Alone once more, Nakonid poured a stiff drink. Life was beginning to look up, at least enough to give him hope that he could soon find a wife.

The men kept their word and within a fortnight returned with Kenna von Schauenburg, who would serve as the court's first chancellor, and Alzbeta von Rostock, the court's first steward.

Nakonid appointed his steward and chancellor with the task of finding a suitable bride, and they did not disappoint their new liege. In February of 1067, they presented him with Ermentrude, daughter of the Count of Besancon.

Nakonid was quite pleased, not only was she beautiful, but she was quite competent, and would make a great Lady for his backwoods county.

It would be very pleasant to say that they lived happily ever-after, but Nakonid was a man, and he had an eye for pretty wenches. Seven months after his wedding, a pretty barmaid showed up at his castle with their illegitimate child, Dytryk.

In November of 1067, Ermentrude gave birth to a son, Wladyshaw, folllowed by a daughter, Roza 13 months later. Nakonid found himself opening the door to yet another barmaid, carrying another illegitmate son, Kliment a few months after Roza was born.

That would be the last time that Nakonid would ever stray from Ermentrude's bed. Nine months later, she bore him another daughter, Halina, and 11 months after that, another son, Pawel.

The world was a crazy place. In 1069, Nakonid received word that the Tribes of Mecklenburg had declared war on him, and was advancing with an army three times the size of his. In a moment of panic, Nakonid sent Lucjan, his spymaster, to the Duchy of Saxony, a German noble.

The Duchy was glad to help, but only if Nakonid would become his vassal. With a heavy heart, Nakonid signed the letter of allegiance. The Duchy of Saxony wasted little time, and quickly sent his armies north.

While the tribes were distracted by the Germanic army, Nakonid slipped past them, and quickly besieged the county of Rostock. The tribes quickly realized they'd bitten off more than they could chew, and hastily tried to make peace before they were conquered.

In a stunningly stupid move, the tribal leader offered the Mecklemburg lands, directly adjacent to Lubeck. Nakonid had doubled his landholdings, but at a great cost, for he was no longer an independent count.

As the Germanic armies returned south, Nakonid saw his chance, and this time it was he who declared war against the remains of the mighty Mecklemburg tribes. He sent his two armies into Rostock once more, and this time the siege was over before peace could be negotiated. By 1071, Nakonid had tripled his landholdings and he had obtained the title of Duchy of Mecklenburg, which released him from his vow of allegiance.

The enthusiasm for the future was diminished when word reached Nakonid that his daughter, Roza had died while he was away at war. Nakonid regretted not being at his daughter's deathbed for the rest of his days.

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