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GSP put on an absolute clinic last night dismantling Serra to take the WW title back. He did pretty much whatever he wanted to Serra and those knees that ended it were just brutal.

It will be interesting to see what UFC does in the coming months. Silvia has left so an already sparse HW division gets worse. No superfights at LHW, MW and WW, outside of a Jackson\Nogeira fight at LHW, but that is on hold. GSP and Silva are dominant in their divisions, so the only real fight of interest there is having one of them go up or down a weight class and fight ewach other. Probably easier for GSP to move up, and with the strength he has shown against Hughes and Serra his last two times out, Silva won't throw him around.

Nate Quarry has improved his stand up a ton, but last night was no way to gauge it as Starnes had no interest in fighting.
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