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Eastern Conference Finals Game 7

(4) Miami at (3) Charlotte

Series Tied 3-3

93:81 OVR
87:84 OFF
95:80 DEF

Game 7! Clearly we got near perfection from Mayo and Padgett in game 6. Lets see if we can get that kind of showing out of both of them again today.

First Quarter

Charlotte 30
Miami 21

Mayo scores our first 12 points, including 2 threes and we jump out to a quick lead. Mayo picks up two fouls and sits and then we go to Padgett. Mayo 15, Padgett 8 points/3 boards. Sparks has 4 boards and we have 5 blocks as a team, we're just everywhere in the 1st quarter. Wade scores 10 and dishes 3 assists, while Jermaine O'neal has 7 points and 5 boards in a very strong quarter.

Second Quarter

OJ Mayo 42 (Charlotte 72)
Miami 42

Uh yeah. So this is nifty. Mayo is 8-11 from 3 and just isn't missing anything at all inside the 3 point line. Amazing performance. Padgett has 10 points/6 boards, no one else over 4, but who cares. Wade is done. He picked up fouls #2 and 3 midway through the quarter, but once we built up the lead to 25, they brought him back in and he picked up his 4th foul on a charge. Wade 10, Teague 10, Miami's season is done.

Third Quarter

Charlotte 93
Miami 71

The backups are in until Miami cut the lead down to about 20, then the starters come in and hold the lead. Mayo only scores 8 but that gets him up to 50. Padgett has 18 points/11 boards. Sloan has 21 for Miami, Wade has 10 points/7 assists. Now to not blow a 20 point lead!

Fourth Quarter

10:50 to go - Miami scores the first 5 and we immediately get our starters back in.

6:50 to go - Miami gets it to 13 at one point and Wade is lighting up the 4th. Despite Mayo's 50(now 52), Padgett seems to be Mr Reliable this quarter. We lead 106-89 and should be in good shape but if we falter for a couple minutes Wade will get the lead under 10 so we're still playing hard here.

Ok, that's that. We withstand one short run where Miami cut it to 13 and keep it above 15 the rest of the game.

Charlotte 118
Miami 100

OJ Mayo: 54 points/4 boards/4 assists
Padgett: 25 points/13 boards
Sparks: 10 points/9 boards
Felton; 7 points/12 assists
Swanson: 7 points
Wallace: 6 points/8 boards
Bibby: 4 points
Chandler: 4 points
Henderson: 1 points

Wade scores 16 in the 4th but its just way too late. He ends up with 26 points/11 assists, a solid game but totally overshadowed by Mayo.

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