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NBA Finals Game 4

(1) New Orleans at (3) Charlotte

Charlotte leads 2-1

92:93 OVR
87:90 OFF
95:94 DEF

A chance to take a commanding 3-1 series lead.

First Quarter

Charlotte 25
New Orleans 23

Close the entire quarter, neither team leads by more than 4 at any point. Padgett is on fire for us, 6-6 and a couple free throws, he has 14 points/3 boards. Mayo 5, a few others 2 each. JR Smith remains the best Hornets option, he has 12 points on 5-9 shooting. Paul has 5 points/5 assists. A few others have 2.

Second Quarter

Charlotte 48
New Orleans 43

Felton hits a 35 footer as time expires to give us our biggest lead going into the locker room. Mayo leads us with 16, not shooting well at all though 6-16/2-8 from 3. Padgett with 14, he was 0-3 from the field on the period, double teamed some and tired after about 5 minutes. Sparks has 6 points/8 boards, Felton has 5 assists. JR Smith has 18 to lead all scorers, he's 8-15 from the field, went a little cold. Saramago 8 points, Paul picked up 2 fouls quickly at the start of the 2nd quarter and sat. Paul has been very underwhelming in this series heh. Overall a stark contrast to last game, we are shooting 42%, New Orleans 40%.

Third Quarter

Charlotte 82
New Orleans 57

A 34-14 quarter, sheesh. With 4:30 to go in the 3rd we lead 70-49, on a 22-6 run over the first 7 1/2 minutes of the 3rd quarter. At that time we were up to 48% shooting, New Orleans is down to 35%. And we just kept going from there. JR Smith didn't score all quarter he still has 18. Saramago 15, Paul played the entire quarter and didn't score, only getting 2 assists. On our side Padgett is up to 29 points/7 boards, Mayo 21 points, Sparks 9 points/12 boards.

Fourth Quarter

Our backups play nearly the entire quarter, and the lead stays over 20 until the final 2 minutes.

Charlotte 97
New Orleans 81

Padgett: 29 points/7 boards/2 blocks
Mayo: 23 points
Sparks: 9 points/12 boards
Felton: 8 points/5 assists
Swanson: 8 points
Wallace: 6 points/6 boards
Henderson: 5 points/4 boards
Bibby: 5 points
Chandler: 4 points/5 boards

JR Smith finished with 26 for New Orleans, Saramago 17, Paul 11 points/9 assists. We shot 48% for the game and held New Orleans to 38%.

Charlotte leads 3-1 and is one win away from an NBA title!!
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