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-- Kevin Lynch starts for the Scottish U21 team, Lewis Martin comes in off the bench for him and together they combine for a shutout in a 1-0 win over Malta.

-- Stelios Nikolaou plays the second half of a 1:1 tie between Cyprus and Ukraine's U21 squads. He plays well and earns a 6.9 rating.

September 15th, 2012

Woking(3-2-1, 13th) @ Gainsborough(0-3-5, 22nd)

We are big favorites today, 4:5 on the road. Our 13th place is based now on playing TWO less matches than all of our opponents. Two wins and we're 2nd.

Today starts our 6 weeks of hell, no more rest for us. No injuries please!

GK: Lynch
DEF: Miquel/Fenton/Williams/Ricketts
MC: O'Sullivan/Arter
AM: Bennett/McLaggon
ST: Harsanyi/Subotic

7': O'Sullivan runs into the left side of the area, lays a beautiful pass to Subotic who strikes a hard shot on his first touch of the ball... its a clear cut chance, but the keeper is there and saves it.

17': Through ball and goal for Gainsborough's Davidson... except he was 2 miles offsides, never getting back onsides after a shot and a deflection by the keeper.

23': Throwin near midfield, Subotic plays it foward to Harsanyi who makes a great pass to a running Bennett. Bennett into the area all alone, and he beats the keeper far post! 1-0

40': Midfielder Peel picks up a yellow for a hard tackle on Subotic... Subotic goes down hurt. He can stay on but he's suffering.

42': A monumental error by Kevin Lynch. A high long ball foward by Gainsborough. Lynch runs out of the penalty area for it, but striker Boulding gets to the ball at the same time after a high bounce. Boulding wins it and easily puts it into the net. 1-1

46': Counter attack for us. Subotic at midfield feeds a ball foward, Harsanyi beats the defense to it. its not an easy shot by any stretch, taken from outside of the penalty area, but he strikes it low and hard towards the far post and beats the keeper! 2-1

HALF: We get two great goals, and allow one horrific one. No need to change what we're doing. Main is in for the injured Subotic. We have 5 shots, they have 3.

48': Arter foward to Main. Main beats his man and the defense gets way out of position trying to recover. Main passes to Harsanyi who takes another great shot from outside the area. High and into the left side of the net past the diving keeper! 3-1

55': Gainsborough almost get one back. A mini-breakaway on a counter attack. Williams is trying to harrass the striker but he's clearly behind him. Lynch rushes out and makes a great save.

56': Yellow for Arter.

58': O'Sullivan with a through ball to Harsanyi, he's onsides... barely, his shot hits the left post and goes behidn for a goal kick.

65': O'Sullivan with a pass foward to Harsanyi. Harsanyi beats his defender 30 yards out and has a free run into the area. He takes a shot, its blocked, but not held. Main is the first one to the rebound and he puts it home! 4-1

69': Sloma in for O'Sullivan, we switch from standard to defensive to finish this off.

Gainsborough spend the final 20 minutes taking long shots that miss the mark by 5-10 feet.

Gainsborough 1 : 4 Woking

Harsanyi is clearly man of the match today, he had a hand in all four goals, 2 goals/2 assists, 9.3 rating.

Curtis Main has a goal and an assist in the second half, 7.6 rating. Bennett with a goal (7.9), and Subotic with an assist (6.8).

O'Sullivan is his usual great self again today, 7.7. The defense is awesome too... Lynch (7.1), Ricketts(7.2), Miquel(7.1) and Fenton(7.1) are all outstanding.

Injury Update

Danijel Subotic twists an ankle and is hurt pretty badly. 6-7 weeks for him.
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