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Woking (5-2-1, 3rd) @ Newport Co (4-3-2, 7th)

Newport are favored by a slim margin today at home. We're 2-2-2 against Newport over the last 3 seasons, last year losing at their place and tying at home.

Two players lead the league early on with 9 goals. One is Zoltan Harsanyi. The other is Newport's Luke Powell.

Today's Lineup with 5 changes:

GK: Lynch
DEF: Miquel/Williams/Fenton/Anane
MC: O'Sullivan/Pulis
AM: Bennett/McLaggon
ST: Harsanyi/Main

9': They have 5 shots, two on target. The attack is coming hard against us today.

16': Our first shot is a long one from Pulis that is no threat at all. It is on target, but it is right at their keeper.

33': Our second shot is wide, also a long shot from Main, but its much more dangerous, just wide and the keeper had no shot at it.

HALF: after a crazy early flurry its pretty boring. Newport have 11 shots but 5 are long and only 2 on target, both in the first 9 minutes. We've taken those two long shots and that is it.

47': I take a risk and go to standard mindset again. I often wonder if our best defense isn't our offense in situations like this.

55': a long shot by Newport is saved nicely by Lynch. A second shot by Powell is saved from close range... but Powell was offsides.

57': Not this time... Powell receives a pass in the area and strikes it cleanly by Lynch. 0-1

62': I was in the tactics screen, I dunno what happened, but we conceded a penalty. 0-2

62': Pulis and Main out, Herd and Sole in. Main played terribly.

64': Lynch with a great save as Powell came free in the area yet again.

65': Things fall apart. A header from Powell into the area, their other striker heads it over Lynch and in. 0-3

72': And now its 4. We stopped trying to attack and come back by the way. Floodgates... 0-4

76': Herd with a pass forward to Harsanyi, Harsanyi with a strike from 20 yards out. Its into the left side of the net. It won't matter for this one but he keeps up with Powell, who I'm pretty sure only has one of these 4 goals. 1-4

80': Miquel moves to DC. Sloma in for Fenton and in at DL.

Newport Co 4 : 1 Woking

When you concede 4 goals the ratings won't be kind.

O'Sullivan earns a 6.8, Herd a 6.9, Harsanyi 6.6. Those are the bright spots.

Most of the rest of the team is between 5.5 and 6.2. There are no complete disasters, just a sign of a team that got owned all over the place today.

Our fans are "devastated" by today's result, ick.
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