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Alfreton (6-0-5, 9th) @ Woking (6-2-2, 6th)

Alfreton won promotion up to the BS Premier last year. This will be our first ever meeting. We're 4-5 favorites at home. An interesting news story, "Kingfield Stadium return for Wright". Matthew Wright was the first loaner I ever brought in as manager of Woking. He played 42 matches and scored 8 goals with 6 assists in my first season. Sole was the star of that team but Wright was a key part of it. He was released by the Crystal Palace, tried to get it going with Accrington but was released there too, and has now settled in with Alfreton. Not much of a success story for him I suppose, but its one of the first guys i felt an attachment to that I've had to face.

Today's lineup:

GK: Lynch
DEF: Miquel/Williams/Fenton/Anane
MC: O'Sullivan/Pulis
AM: Bennett/McLaggon
ST: Harsanyi/Cousins

Anson Cousins gets his second start today, hopefully he does a little better.

22': We dominate early but don't get our first good look til now. O'Sullivan runs with the ball laterally just outside the area, slips a pass to Harsanyi after drawing a defender, Harsanyi strikes it hard and true! 1-0

25': McLaggon controls the ball deep in the right corner. He makes a move to fit a cross in. Cousins runs on to it and just barely changes the angle with his head, directing it into the net!! I'm thrilled to see Cousins get his first goal. 2-0

37': A long pass triggers a counter, Anane fires a ball to midfield, Harsanyi controls it well, the last defender misses a tackle and Harsanyi is off to the races. No one can catch up to him and he takes it all the way into the box and beats the keeper one on one. 3-0

HALF: Great half!! We get a youngster a goal and Harsanyi 2 goals in a half, dominance.

47': We concede a corner early, they take it short and defender Brown fires a nice shot into the net. Terrible defense. 3-1

51': After a through ball gives them a clear cut strike, Mike Williams comes in to try to make a saving tackle... and instead a penalty is given. They aren't missing this... 3-2

72': They play a ball to midfielder Ashton in the left side of the area. He's defended decently by Anane, but manages to get a shot off. Lynch is there but can't fully make the save, he slows the ball down, doesn't sotp it, and it rolls into the net. 3-3

72': Herd in for Pulis, Sole for Cousins. Not because either deserve to come out, but to make some kind of a change to try to right this.

78': They fire a long ball downfield. Lynch comes out of the area, it takes a high bounce and he has to head it instead of booting it downfield. An attacker is first to the ball and tries a strike from 35 yards out but he cannot guide it into the net. Lucky break there.

79': Harsanyi with a little room in the middle, he takes it wide to McLaggon, there's a cross, Bennett gets his head to it far post, but the keeper is there.

81': Harsanyi with a rocket bending towards the net from 25 yards out, but just wide.

81': Ademola in for McLaggon who is exhausted.

89': A long pass from Herd to Sole, Sole with a great first touch but his shot is saved. Tehre's a corner, then a second corner, then a throwin deep in their area... and nothing.

Woking 3 : 3 Alftreton

I give the "embarrassing" pep talk... a truly embarrassing result to give up a 3 goal lead at the half.

Harsanyi is man of the match with 2 goals and an 8.8 rating. Cousins goal gives him a 6.8 rating. Assists from Anane (7.0), O'Sullivan(6.8) and McLaggon(7.5).

Other noteworthy ratings... Bennett put up a 7.0, Fenton a 5.9.

Since i'd made mention of him pre-match, Matthew Wright was ready to play today, earning a 7.2 rating an an assist. No goals though.

Injury Update

Chris Herd was injured literally seconds before full time today, and he's got a pulled hamstring that is going to sideline him for 4 weeks.
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