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November Notes

--Matthew Wright of Alfreton is young player of the month, my former striker, happy for him. Our AML loaner Kieran Bennett was second.

--Cambridge's manager earns manager of the month. I'm second.

-- The board is pleased with my results still. Signing Stelios Nikolaou is a high point. Our 1-4 loss to Newport, now over two months ago, is still the big negative. Get over it guys!

November 3rd, 2012

Cheltenham(3-5-9, 19th) @ Woking(10-4-3, 3rd)

We're 4:5 favorites at home today. Cheltenham were playoff contenders last year(finishing 8th) but are not doing so well this year. We're 2-2-0 against them, winning at home/tying on the road last season.

Cheltenham's Jamie White has 7 goals in 17 matches and is clearly their leading scorer.

Today's lineup:

GK: Lynch
DEF: Nokolaou/Williams/Fenton/Ricketts
MC: O'Sullivan/Pulis
AM: Bennett/McLaggon
ST: Harsanyi/Subotic

17': Fenton picks up a yellow trying to keep a streaking atacker from passing him on a counter.

25': Each team has one off target shot so far.

28': Williams with a yellow in defense, bleh! A free kick from 25 yards out is taken and goes off the wall.

30': After a throwin, they place a cross nicely tothe far post, Lewes runs on to it and heads it in. Lynch didn't stand a chance. 0-1

38': On a quick counter attack, they get the ball forward to their top scorer, White. He gets into the area and beats Lynch. 0-2

43': Pulis with a free kick from 30 yards out. Its placed beautifully and Subotic gets there and heads it in! 1-2

45': Bennett with a graet run down the sideline, a cross, Subotic heads it just over. So close.

HALF: We play very very poorly in the last 20 minutes of the half, but Subotic getting a goal back gives us life.

45: On the opening kickoff we go straight forward, Harsanyi and Subotic give and go.. .Harsanyi ends up in the area with space and puts the ball low and left by the keeper! 2-2

55': Defender Duff with a yellow, tripping Harsanyi as he tried to run by.

57': Subotic receives the ball outside the area, makes a move past a defender, he gets a shot off but its from a tough angle and is saved.

63': O'Sullivan feeds Subotic, he's got by his man again, fires a shot... McLagon is out of position and blocks the shot by accident.

64': Nikolaou with a yellow.

70': Main in for a tired Subotic.

76': Anane in for a tired Mike Williams. Ricketts moves to DC, Anane DR.

80': O'Sullivan into the box, he goes down hard, but no foul is called presumably due to the fact that he's a diving bastard. He's actually hurt and needs the trainer out.

83': McLaggon with a cross, Bennett with a header... its off the crossbar, urgh!

86': Main gets a little breakaway, gets into the area, but a quick defender gets back in front of him to block his shot.

93': O'Sullivan to Main who is out a little wide, his shot is off target slightly.

Woking 2 : 2 Cheltenham

After falling down 2-0 a draw is pretty good, but we had so many chances to get a winning goal there, its disappointing that we didn't.

We take 13 shots, only put 4 on target though. We dominated possession 59/41. Really shoulda won.

Subotic is man of the match, a goal and an assist and an 8.5 rating. The other assist comes from Pulis, 7.1 rating. Harsanyi with the second goal, just a 6.8 today.

O'Sullivan puts up a 7.3 and is the only other noteworthy rating.
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