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Crawley (12-9-1, 1st) @ Woking (13-5-4, 3rd)

We're slim 5:4 favorites today. This will be the halfway point for both our teams. We're 0-2-2 lifetime against Crawley, two draws last season, and this is our first meeting this year.

Crawley are led by Charles Ademeno, who has 9 goals/7 assists in just 14 matches, and Calum Willock who has 9 goals in 20 matches.

Lineup today:

GK: Lynch
DEF: Miquel/Williams/Fenton/Ricketts
MC: O'Sullivan/Arter
AM: Bennett/Adeomla
ST: Harsanyi/Subotic

This is close to an ideal lineup for us. Main is playing as well as anyone up front but is just coming back from injury. He'll be available off the bench today.

2': Subotic to Bennett... Bennett seems to have a clear shot from close range, but a poor first touch sends the ball to the keeper. Arter takes a long shot off the rebound but the keeper had recovered.

6': yellow for defender Quinn for Crawley.

16': Harsanyi is slowed after being hit on a tackle.

18': Williams misses an interception, Willock is through for a clear cut chance... and he hits the crossbar from near point blank range. We clear, lucky lucky break.

32': THERE IT IS! Quick counter, Arter to Ademola to Subotic to Harsanyi, Harsanyi is in space 15 yards out, strikes it low to the far post and IN! His first goal in nearly 500 minutes. 1-0

The rest of the half plays out fairly quickly.

HALF: We have 3 shots, all on target. They have 4 shots, just one on target. Possession is equal, they are not passing very well and taht seems the main statistical difference so far. That and hitting the post from 10 yards out.

54': I'm gonna kick our defense's ass. Ademeno picks the ball up at midfield. He beats Williams, Fenton is out of position, and he runs by our damn defense in what seems like slow motion, you can see our mistakes pile up and he ends up in the box... and beats Lynch. 1-1

73': Anane in for Ricketts, Main in for Harsanyi.

76': A long free kick from Lynch, we win the ball, Arter to Subotic, Subotic with a stellar through ball to Main who runs onto it and strikes it into the net on a clear cut chance. 2-1

The defense does great the rest of the way. I change to a counterattacking strategy, they control the ball a bit more but we cut out anything even minorly threatening.

Woking 2 : 1 Crawley

Subotic is great today, 2 assists, 8.3 rating, man of the match. Harsanyi with his first league goal in a long time, 6.8 rating. Main with the game winner in short time off the bench, 7.2.

Elsewhere: Miquel (7.2). Williams recovers for a 6.7 rating, he was under 6 most of the match after his early mistake nearly led to a goal.
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