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FA Trophy 4th Round Draw

Already down to 16 teams. We will be at home either against divisional Leighton or BS north Oxford City.

-- Oxford City beats Leighton in a replay, we'll play them February 2nd.

Injury Update

GK Kevin Lynch is out for 5 or 6 days with a "stubbed finger" ... the kind of injury only a keeper can pick up I assume. That's not enough time to recall Lewis Martin from loan. But he is going to miss a match.

January 19th, 2013

Woking(18-6-4, 1st) @ Southport(4-7-17, 22nd)

We're 1:2 favorites on the road against this relegation candidate. We beat them 3:0 at home earlier in the year and are 2-1-0 lifetime against them.

"Southport boss Jamie Day has told richard dixon that he doesn't want woking to gain promotion to League 2 this season."

ok... no need for trash talking, asshat.

GK: Pegler (reserve GK with Lynch injured)
DEF: Nikolaou/Thomas/Williams/Ricketts
MC: O'Sullivan/Pulis
AM: Bennett/McLaggon
ST: Harsanyi/Main

4': O'Sullivan with another yellow for diving in the area...

6': Harsanyi moves the ball wide for McLaggon, he crosses it into the 6 yard box, Bennett is there, cuts inside a defender to get there first and heads it into the net! 1-0

26': We live in their area for about 4 minutes, generate only one shot, a couple corners, before finally Main finds McLaggon cutting towards the net for a goal... but offsides. Alas.

38': Quick attack after a throwin, O'Sullivan from the midfield circle fires a hard pass to Harsanyi, he makes a little move, beats his defender badly, makes a run into the area and beats the keeper! 2-0

HALF: We take 8 shots in the half, put 3 on target and 2 in. Southport only manages 1 shot and its not close. Possession is pretty even, but we are dominating the attack.

54': they get a ball forward to striker McGrath on the right side of the field, we're out of position... Nikolaou is nowhere to be seen. But he's very slow getting forward and we easily catch up and force him wide instead of allowing an attack.

64': Mike Williams with a dangerous sliding tackle just outside the area, its a yellow, looked like it had a chance at being a red. The free kick is taken and shot just wide.

67': Anane in for Ricketts.

77': Arter in for O'Sullivan, Ademola in for McLaggon.

86': We counter attack, Ademola down the right sideline, crosses for harsanyi, they get in the way but the ball falls to the feet of Pulis in the area... clear cut strike for him.. wide.

Southport 0 : 2 Woking

We continue to roll. Bennett is man of the match with his goal today, 7.8 rating. Harsanyi with the other goal, 7.0 rating. Assists from O'Sullivan (7.6) and McLaggon (7.1).

Elsewhere: Ricketts (7.0), Nikolaou (7.3), Thomas (7.5), and Pulis (7.0).

We are dominating the league at this point, not to a level that we couldn't still lose out of course. But what we've got going is pretty impressive. We are 8 points clear of Forest Green in second place. We're now 13 points clear of 6th, the first spot out of the playoffs. We have 63 goals, second best is 52. We have a +30 goal differential, second best is +19.

Still 18 matches to go, so anything could happen, but we look good!
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