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Bleh, had to work too much this weekend, including super late into the night tonight. Winding down after work though I figure I'll knock out a match or two.

-- Nikolaou is going to miss 9-12 days with a bruised rib.

-- Pulis suspended for our next match against Kettering for his red card.

February 9th, 2013

Woking(19-7-5, 1st) @ Kettering(8-13-11, 17th)

We're 3-0-2 lifetime vs Kettering. The home team has won every match, we'll try to break that trend. We won 2:0 at home in September. We are very slim 6:4 favorites today(Kettering is 13:8).

On short rest and with an injury/suspension, we switch up a lot:

GK: Lynch
DEF: Miquel/Fenton/Thomas/Anane
MC: O'Sullivan/Arter
AM: Bennett/McLaggon
ST: Harsanyi/Main

Counter-attacking today.

9': Throwin in their end. Anane receives the throw, passes to O'Sullivan in the area. He makes a nifty move and gets a wide open look from 15 yards out, and his shot beats the keeper! His first goal of the year. 1-0

27': Haven't allowed a shot still. We have tons of buildup, McLaggon down the right, in to Main who runs in the area for awhile looking for a shot, can't find it, more possession.. finally O'Sullivan with a shot from 18 yards out is just saved and turned back for a corner, which we can't do anything with.

32': Kettering's first shot, very long and way wide.

40': We concede 3 straight headers and 2 deep throwins before we're able to clear the ball out of our area. Kettering never do manage a shot though.

HALF: We'll take that 1-0 lead. We have 6 shots, 4 on target. They have 1 shot. Possession is slightly in our favor and they are only completing 55% of their passes, quite poor.

46': After stealing the ball seconds after the kickoff, O'Sullivan with a ball forward to McLaggon in the box, he strikes it hard but off the right post. They clear for a throw, we attack immediately again, Main with the ball just outside the area, he plays a low ball through to McLaggon who is free in front of the net and doesn't miss this time! 2-0

55': Cousins in for Harsanyi, basically b/c we're up 2-0 and Harsanyi can always use a little rest here and there.

58': Another block of time where we fend off multiple corners and throws... but finally after a throwin they cross into the area. Seems harmless, no one is there at all. Arter and Fenton both go for it though and no one cleanly gets to the ball... its off Arter and into our own net 2-1

61': McLaggon down to 50% condtion after being hit on a header.

64': They get a man free in the area after a through ball, I can't see how it won't be a goal, but Lynch comes diving off his line and blocks the shot.

73': We're under very heavy pressure, defendingnow.

76': Ademola in for McLaggon, I don't think he's hurt but he's not up for the rest of this one.

84': Herd in for O'Sullivan, O'Sullivan is tired and Herd is a better defender.

Kettering 1 : 2 Woking

We had to hold off a lot of attack in the final 30 minutes, but the defense did quite well. We didn't allow many shots at all, always winning the headers and making the tackles we needed, and not a single shot was put on target by a Kettering player today. too bad about the Arter own goal, it made this much more stressful than it should have been.

Main earns man of the match with an 8.1 rating and an assist. Goals from O'Sullivan (7.9) and McLaggon(7.3). Assist from Anane (7.3).

Elsewhere: Thomas(7.4) and Arter(7.1).
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