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St. Albans(18th) @ Woking (1st)

We're 1:2 favorites at home here. We're 2-1-0 against them, winning 2-1 on the road earlier in the year.

Main is hurt, Harsanyi is exhausted after the last run of matches. Pulis is gassed after the last match, he got hurt a bit and was run ragged. This leaves us with a pretty thin lineup today:

GK: Lynch
DEF: Williams/Thomas/Miquel/Fenton
MC: Arter/Herd
AM: Coke/McLaggon
ST: Subotic/Sole

this is probably the weakest team I've put out there for a league match.

1': Arter foward to Coke, he runs laterally from the left sideline to the middle of the field before firing a shot from 22ish yards out... it skims the bar and goes over, barely missing.

13': A counter for us, Subotic to Sole who makes a move to beat his man, generates a clear cut chance in the area... and its saved.

18': Subotic receives a pass 30 yards out, runs by his man, takes a shot from 20 yards out and fires just wide.

19': A corner comes in, there's a foul going up for the header! Penalty! sole strikes it, GOAL! 1-0 Miquel drew the penalty so he'll get the assist I believe.

25': Sole and a defender go for a ball in midfield, Sole goes down hard... he's hurt and coming out. Cousins is in.

33': Counter attack from St Albans, their striker Parker gets the ball at midfield and runs past 3 defenders of ours 1 at a time on his way to the area and a goal. If that was one ofour guys i'd be a little more excited about the description... but yeah, it wasnt. 1-1

36': Reserve power!! Herd with a ball up to Cousins, Cousins with a through ball into the area, Josh Coke runs on to it and places a nice shot by the keeper!!! 2-1

39': Great offense here.. Herd to Cousins, he passes back to Arter, foward to subotic, good control and a touch pass back over to Cousins after the defense starts to close down, Cousins fires from just inside the 18 yard line, GOAL! 3-1

43': Mike williams with ayellow.

44': Arter with a yellow.

HALF: I was worried after we let them tie it up and lost Sole to an injury. I'm still worried about that, we need to stop losing people for the rest of the year. But we've recovered nicely here to lead 3-1. 11 shots for us, 3 for them, that pretty much sums thiings up.

55': Williams with a poor header trying to clear the ball out of the attack. They pass to striker Johnson who beats one man and takes a difficult long shot... into the right side of the net, Lynch had no shot. 3-2

65': a long goal kick by St Albans... their man Parker runs on to it and he is just way faster than our defenders... he gets into the area and simply fires a shot wide from point blank range.

65': Sloma in for an exhausted Herd.

65': I drop back to a counter attacking strat, hoping not to get burned.

77': Oliver-Pearce in for Fenton at DR. 3 Reserves in (if you count Cousins).

Woking 3 : 2 St Albans

A much needed win as we are starting to suffer from some serious attrition.

One of their strikers is man of the match today.

Goals from: Cousins (7.7 + 1 ast), Coke (7.2), and Sole (6.8).

Assists: Miquel (7.0), Subotic (6.9)

No one else over 7.0.

Injury Update

Sole with an ankle injury, 7-8 weeks... done for the year basically.

Current Injuries:

Defense: Nikolaou, Ricketts, Anane

Midfield: O'Sullivan

Attack: Main, Sole

We've been relatively deep all year but this is starting to put a serious strain on things.

Standings Update

Everyone but York has 10 matches to go up near the top of the table. York has 11.

1. Woking - 76 pts
2. Cambridge - 68 pts
3. Crawley - 67 pts
4. Forest Green - 65 pts
5. York - 62 pts (*** 1 less match played)
6. Gateshead - 60 pts
7. Accrington - 59 pts
8. Rushden - 57 pts
9. Alfreton - 57 pts

8 points clear of 2nd with 10 to go.
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