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June 14 – Avignon agrees to give me military access. I go to take out some of their rebels.

July 16 – I get an Excellent Diplomacy event and use it to lower my infamy by 3

July 22 – Rebels in Dauphine

July 29 – Rebels defeated

Sept 1 – Stab increase

Sept 30 We establish colonies at both places and I send in another 2 colonists.

Dec 14 – A game changer, perhaps. We manage to force through the Landfriede reform. It has some serious side effects. Firstly, for me and everybody else, we lose army tradition annually. Stability costs increase 10%. We have essentially declared Peace in the Empire. Here’s the big one. Everybody in the Empire loses all CBs on members.

Dec 26 – When approached by savages in Antigua, I propose trade and lose 50 ducats and gain a tax value there.

Jan 1, 1543 – I order Constable in Antwerp, and Trade Depot in Barrois: Stab increase

Jan 24 - Promote cultural unity in Luxembourg.

Feb 3 – My fort is built in Valenciennes, and I gain some tradition and finish that mission. The next is an upgraded fort in Worms, so I order it built.

Mar 1 – My colonists arrive and expand the islands.

May 1 – Stab increase back to full

June 3 – RM: Friesland

Sept 5 – RM: Ulm, Ansbach rejected us though

Nov 1 – Production Tech increase
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