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Jan 1, 1548 – Stab back to full,

Jan 4 – I accept a White Peace offer from their alliance leader, Poland, for peace.

Jan 7 – Dock in Antwerp, Nice; Constable in Savoie and Cuneo

June 1 – Production Tech increases

Sept 18 – RM: Liguria, Catalunya

Sept 20 – France has no allies and is at war with England. This is a good time to take more French lands. The one I want is Champagne. It would make sense geographically, and it has some value. The two provinces to its interior are Vermandois and Nemours – both are cheap little grain provinces. Bourbon and Auvergne are decent enough iron provinces but with low tax values and populations. Languedoc is nice, but it’s a bit too far west for my taste.

Declaring war on her and winning should be easy. Without any allies, and at war with England, and with rebel issues all over she is an easy target. I could take Champagne, and force her to release more states that I did before with Alencon. I could even take both Champagne and Languedoe, but that may be a bit too much.

What I need is a CB. I have none. Luckily, I have a way to get one, perhaps. I send in a spy. I have a massive chance for success – 85%, to forge documents. He succeeds and is not caught. I order my maintenance back up and my troops to assemble along her border.

Nov 1 – I DOW France

Nov 21 – Champagne falls

Nov 23 – Bourbon falls

Nov 29 – Languedoc falls

Dec 11 – I have taken Champagne and 100 gold

Champagne – 23938 Protestant Cosmopolitan people grow grapes and make wine in the hills that are so iconic that a type of wine is named after them. They make 38.07 ducats for us. It is a core of both Champagne and France. Champagne is just west of Barrois, and is also near Vermandois, Nemours, Valenciennes, and Bourgogne.
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