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Jan 3, 1553 – I order a Trade Depot in Valenciennes

Mar 1 – Stab increase

May 15 – Trinidad expands and I send in more

Oct 5 – Trinidad expands again.

Dec 1 -St. Bartholomew was attacked by natives

Dec 19 – The Livonian Order was attacked by Muscowy, and I join them. My authority jumps over 50.

Dec 26 – I pass the Erbkaisertum. This makes the HRE hereditary and not elected. I get some infamy and +1 diplomat and the members get -1 diplomat.

Dec 28 – The fort is done. I get a new mission to colonize Atikwew.

I cancel the mission. It sucks. RM with Bavaria is next

Jan 1, 1554 – RM rejected

I jack up my military

Feb 20 – RM: Bavaria. We completed our mission and lost my remaining infamy. The next one is improve relations with the Swiss. Okay.

Mar 19 – We introduce our heir

May 29 – We send a third gift to Switzerland and the mission is complete. We gain a bit of prestige. Next is Vassalize Genoa. Hmm.

June 6 – Trinidad expandidad.

July 1 – Great news. Valenciennes is now a core.

Sept 1 – Trade Tech increases

Oct 27 – I DOW Genoa with a Subjugation CB.
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