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Thu. July 10, 2025

-- We play our annual intrasquad game between our reserves/backups and our U18 team.

Preseason Friendly
Dover 2 - 0 Dover U18
Dover Goals - Alberto Velazquez (7.3), Robert Hoffmann OG
Dover Assists - Emmerson Harvey (7.4)
Man of the Match - Emmerson Harvey
Other Notables: Emerson (7.1), Mwemere Mutesa (7.1), Adrian Torres (7.3)

U18 Goals -
U18 Assists -
Other U18 Notables - Andrew Hunter (5.9), Liam Pearce (5.7), Giuseppe Forti (5.9), Fernando Estrada (5.3)

-- A really poor game from our main backups, only scoring one legitimate goal against our kids. A good game from newcomer Torres was the highlight.

Transfer OUT

-- We make a BIG splash, paying £16 million to Turkish giant Galatasaray for 24 year old right fullback Rodolfo Lopez!!

Lopez is a 3.0/3.5 rated talent and likely one of the top young fullbacks in the game right now. He is partially blocked by captain Salim Loucif but I’ve been a tad underwhelmed by Loucif’s play and he needs a bit of a push. Lopez will get every chance to get on the first team and this definitely makes Emerson, our young right fullback with lots of promise, a potential casualty. Still, getting a player of Lopez’s pedigree was something I couldn’t turn down and we’re delighted to get him signed.

Transfer Talk

-- We have two significant offers come in for young central defender Mwemere Mutesa, including one over £10 million! That’s a lot of coin for a backup player but Mutesa has blossomed into a 3.0/3.5 talent and I think he’ll move up to our primary backup position this year over Saber Nasri. I reject the offers.
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