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Race to the World Tour Finals

The annual post-Wimbledon tradition, wherein we look at the standings for the calendar year to this point.


Antonin Iglar -- 9,030
Bjorn Benda -- 6,180
Anil Mehul -- 6,030

I'll be watching this closely not because there's any drama in terms of making the field; you can book the spots for these three already. More important is tracking the progress in terms of securing the year-end #2 and the gap with the other two members of the dominant trio.


Perry Hogue -- 4,360
David Alvarez -- 4,160
Cestmir Marcek -- 3,530
Pierce Gaskell -- 3,210


Thiago Herrera -- 2,840
Perry Mockler -- 2,620

Long Shots

Marcel Bahana -- 2,320
Roger Federer -- 2,020

Federer, at the end of last year, was a challenger-level player; now he's 11th in the world. Still, he has a lot of work to do and has yet to reach the second week at a Slam. Bahana would be, at a minimum, probable for the field had he showed up for more than one of the first three Slams of the year I would think. He could still well make it, but he needs to avoid any more lapses. With all the upheaval there are a lot of new names here; Herrera has never been in serious conversation for the WTF before, Mockler as well. There are a couple of others just off the list as well.
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