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Top Ten Rankings Update

1. Antonin Iglar(CZE, 26) -- 15,280

The surprisingly loss to Benda at Indian Wells is his only blemish so far this year.

2. Anil Mehul(SRI, 27) -- 10,330

Mehul retains the #2 spot only narrowly ahead of the stunningly charging German veteran who was said to be finished as a challenger. It is very possible, in fact even probable, that he will lose the spot now over the spring.

3. Bjorn Benda(DEU, 28) -- 10,220

Benda sits poised to snatch the #2 spot back, and his upset win at Indian Wells moved him into a tie for 9th all-time with 11 Masters Shields, likely a couple more to come in the clay season. Clearly he is not close to done yet.

4. Cestmir Marcek(CZE, 29) -- 5,570

A surprising resurgence by Marcek has the Czechs the clear favorites for the WTC at this point, and at 29 he's reached a new career apex. If he continues his current level of play, it will be tough to stop them.

5. Pierce Gaskell(USA, 26) -- 5,470

Gaskell now has a surprising challenger in Marcek for the title of 'best of the rest'. It will be interesting to see how he handles this new, unexpected reality.

6. David Alvarez(ESP, 30) -- 4,885

Steadily if slowly slipping, Alvarez will need to make considerable noise in the clay season if he wants to retain his current status.

7. Girish Girsh(SRI, 23) -- 4,610

Still a little inconsistent, Girsh is nonetheless on the rise with a fine first quarter to the year overall. Alvarez is next on his plate, but after that it will get more difficult to progress ...

8. Perry Hogue(USA, 29) -- 4,340

Right now it looks like Hogue is in the last gasps of his career, and he could be out of the Top 10 by year's end.

9. Perry Mockler(USA, 27) -- 4,200

Mockler looks ready to assume Hogue's place on the US WTC roster. He's had some very close losses to top players, but hasn't been quite good enough to break through and I'm not sure he can play any better than he has been.

10. Thiago Herrera(PER, 25) -- 3,925

Last year he looked like the #2 clay player in the world. Can he repeat that performance?
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